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A Day for Dogs
A skunk sprayed my dog in the mouth. Help!
Accreditation Matters: Being Prepared — Is Your Veterinarian Ready for Disaster?
Accreditation Matters: Who’s Monitoring Your Pet Under Anesthesia?
Acupuncture Therapy for Pets
Anal Gland Problems
Anaplasmosis: The Unsung Tick Disease
At what age can my puppy go to the groomer for a trim?
Bad Breath
Bloat Problems
Body Odor
Buckle Up Your Barker: Pet Seat Belts Save Lives
Can a spayed female dog still go in heat?
Can dogs and cats see colors?
Can my dog drink from the swimming pool?
Can short haired dogs handle cold temperatures?
Car Sickness
Client Lists Improve Pet Health
Clients Tell All: How Their Pets Matter
Cold, wet noses are good, right?
Consult Veterinary Professionals to Ensure Worry-free Kennel Care
Could Your Pet Have Allergies? Tell-Tale Signs And Available Treatments
Diving In: Dogs and Hydrotherapy
Do dogs sweat?
Dog Parks: What You Should Know Before You Go
Emergency Fees: Veterinary Professionals Provide Round-the-Clock Care
Excessive drinking and urination
Fatty Deposits
Feeding Fish to Dogs
Get the Scoop: Q&A From AAHA Veterinarians
How can I help heal my dog’s cracked paw pads?
How can I remove the discoloration around my white dog’s eyes and mouth?
How far should I walk my dog?
How good is a dog’s hearing ability?
How often should I bathe my dog?
Kidney Testing Advised for Pets That Ate Recalled Food
Mites and Mange: When an Itch Isn’t Just an Itch
MRSA: Is It Time to Panic?
My dog got cut on her leg last month and she’s still limping. What’s wrong?
My dog has a hole from a sebaceous gland. How can I clean the hole and remove it?
My dog has a temperature of 101.5 degrees. Should I call the veterinarian?
My dog’s internal organs are on the wrong side – why?
No more pilling fights?
Not for Human Consumption: Pet Owners Taking Pet Meds
Part of my dog’s toenail broke off. What should I do?
Pet Cancer Primer
Pet Owners Warned About Buying Drugs Online
Preventing Lyme Disease: A Broad-Spectrum Approach
Puppy sleep requirements
Q&A from AAHA Veterinarians: Grooming Tips
Routine Blood Tests Save Lives, Dollars
Safeguard Your Pets’ Health with Wellness Exams
Secondhand Smoke
Should I shave my thick-furred dog in the summer?
Smelly Ears
Sneezing Dogs
Stem Cell Therapy for Pets
The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps Protects 750,000 Animals — and You
The Wellness Technician: Your Pet’s Personal Health Coach
Three Minutes a Day Can Protect Your Pet
Vaccinating Your Pet
Veterinary Anesthesia
Veterinary Exhibits at Children’s Museums Educate Children About Pet Care
What causes a dog’s nose to turn pink?
What is the normal blood pressure range for dogs?
Whispers You Want Your Dog to Hear
Who should do my dog’s surgery and what should I expect afterward?
Why are my dog’s eyes cloudy?
Why does my dog have fainting spells?
Zoonotic Disease: Controlling Sand Monsters