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Canine Influenza Update

There have been recent media reports of an outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) H3N2 in Missouri.  The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Cornell University maintains a nationwide surveillance system and reports no positive samples for CIV H3N2 in the Saint Louis area since a single, confirmed case in June 2015.

CIV vaccination is considered a “lifestyle” vaccination.  If your dog requires the vaccination, we now have vaccine for H3N2 virus, the virus of current concern.  We will be vaccinating with this strain of virus.

Please keep in mind, this is a new and different strain of CIV and your dog will require two separate vacinations, two to four weeks apart and then once yearly after that.  If your dog received the “old” flu vaccine, H3N8, he or she will still need two vaccinations.

For more in-depth information, please go to the Cornell University website at