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A black cat sitting outside on the sidewalk in front of some bikes

About Us

dog and cat laying in a field with flowers

Our History

In 1960, Dr. Bill Clark founded Clark Animal Hospital as a single-doctor, house-call practice.  In the1970s, Dr. Clark was joined by two of his younger brothers, Drs. Thom and John Clark, and he expanded the practice to our current animal hospital. With three veterinarian brothers in the practice, we started the tradition of referring to our doctors by their first names. Over time, the animal hospital grew to our current level of six staff veterinarians. In 1997, longtime associates, Dr. Tim Pennington and Dr. Jeff Coggan purchased the animal hospital and made it what it is today. Since then, Dr. Pennington has retired, however Dr. Coggan is still on as medical director for our hospital.

Dog and cat snuggling in the grass.

Clark Animal Hospital veterinarians have a total of 123 years of clinical experience in providing quality healthcare for your pets.  Our practice believes in the importance of continued learning and invests in continuing education. Each team member completes many hours of additional training each year to ensure that we are up-to-date on the latest medical practices and technology.

Our veterinarians regularly consult with one another to pool knowledge and resources, as we believe this approach leads to the best treatment plans for your pets.  We will only offer therapies that have been thoroughly researched through the appropriate clinical trials and are proven to be safe and effective.